Services offered by Simulation Resources, Inc.

Custom Simulation Models

  • 1. Construction of a custom system model, with lists of its state variables and parameters. and writing the mathematical equations describing the relations between state variables.
  • 2. Implementation of custon model equations, along with equation solvers, in suitable computer software.
  • 3. Testing and validation of the programmed model equations.

Data Analysis

  • 1. Selection, organizion, filtering, scaling, and formating of raw experimental data.
  • 2. Fitting a programmed system model to experimenal data by searching parameter space.
  • 3. Displaying experimental data or calculated output from a system model in a format to maximize understanding.

Scientific Writing, Editing, and Presentation

  • 1. Writing or editing reports, papers, grant applications or other scientific documents.
  • 2. Do library research in a customer-specified subject area, summarizing the results in a report.
  • 3. Design a slide presentation or poster based on a customer-supplied outline and data.