What is computer simulation?

Computer simulation includes building a model of a complex process, expressing the model in mathematical equations, and then solving the equations with the aid of a computer.

System behavior

How are computer simulations used?

Exercising a system model on a computer can be used to learn system behavior, for experiment planning or understanding experimental data, or for system optimization.

Biochemical reaction

Who can benefit from computer simulation?

Researchers, developers, and learners of all ages can benefit from simulations. Typical biomedical application areas include biochemistry, physiology, epidemiology, toxicology, and instrument design.

Who is Simulation Resources, Inc.?

Simulation Resources, Inc. (SRI) is led by J. Mailen Kootsey, Ph.D., a pioneer in biomedical simulation applications. Dr. Kootsey and SRI have provided simulation services and training to many companies and universities in the US and other countries. Dr. Kootsey is also the principal author of the SCoP simulation software package and the NumberLinX (NLX) patented software architecture for building interactive calculations in Web pages.